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5 Easy Tips to improve your Cartwheel

Ahhh cartwheels. What's not to love? I don't think us gymnasts appreciate anything quite as much a good ol', well executed cartwheel. Although, it isn't always as easy as some people make it look.

When you get it perfect it's a magical feeling, but it takes a bit of time to get there. So keep your head down and keep practicing, and hey....don't give up! Try these tips and you'll be on your way to mastering the cartwheel in no time.

1. Find your dominant foot

First things first, find your dominant foot. What foot feels more comfortable leading with? And remember, your dominant foot for a cartwheel doesn't always match your dominant hand.

2. Practice your side lever!

Once you've found your dominant foot, try practicing your side lever. The side lever is the part of the cartwheel where you transfer the weight from the feet to the hands.

3. Build Strength

Doing cartwheels requires a bit of strength. Practice holding your body weight up, it will really help you when you're cartwheeling around! There are lots of different ways you can build the strength that you need.

4. Get Inverted

Sounds simple right? Sort of. Being upside down takes a bit of getting used to. Try practising a handstand. This helps you get comfortable being inverted and also improves you balance and strength — two key elements of a cartwheel. Check out some tips to practice your handstand here.

5. Break it down

Try linking it all together. Begin in a lunge position with your dominant foot in front. The next step is to use the side levering action to transfer the weight from your feet to your hands. Once you're on your hands, you should show a straddle handstand position. After that, push off your hand to land on your non dominant foot first. The pattern is hand down, hand down, foot down, foot down.

Remember... PRACTICE makes perfect! Don't give up!

Have any more tips and tricks you'd like to see? Comment below!

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  • Posted Amyra Sofianne

    I think is good but i only tried when i was 7 to 8 for the last time.

  • Posted akshaya mishra

    it helps me a lot. if you can tell me more about you i will be so happy.

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