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Gym Essentials Gift Pack

Chalk, Palm Guards and Stretch Strap - all the essentials you need to hit the gym PLUS a bag to cart it all in!!...
$70.85 $59.95

Carry Bag for Starter Beam

This Nylon Drawstring bag is custom made to fit our Starter Beam ONLY. Great for storage and carrying your beam anywhere. Available in Pink,...
$20.00 $15.00

Large Folding Incline Wedge

The incline gymnastics mat, also known as a gymnastics wedge mat and gymnastics incline wedge work as a great tumbling aid, crash pad, or landing mat...
$529.00 $489.00

Squad Spots

Organise your training sessions efficiently with our velcro backed Squad Spots! Six different coloured circles to specify positions for squads. Comes with a zip...

Electric Air Pump

Best Value for money on the Australian Market! Rapid inflation and deflation, and light and easy to transport! Ideal for large air track inflation....
from $119.00

Junior Kip Bar

Designed with smaller/younger athletes in mind, the Mini Kip Bar is a great budget friendly option for entry level and recreational gymnasts to practice...
$399.00 $369.00

Air Barrel

This fantastic versatile training tool is great for teaching front and back walkovers, with the added bonus of being able to deflate for storage...
$259.00 from $229.00

More sizes available

500ml Water Bottle

Stay hydrated at the gym with our reusable water bottle! Double-walled vacuum insulation and constructed from durable, stainless steel. 500ml capacity and BPA & toxin-free. Available in Blue,...

2m Non-folding Mat with 4 Sides of Velcro

This 2m non-folding gymnastics mat is a must-have for any gymnasium, school, or martial art/ MMA/self-defence studio. It is made with a high wear 18oz vinyl...
$199.00 $189.00

Strapping Tape (Roll)

NEW - Kinesiology/Strapping Tape 50mm wide Mega 5m tape per roll Perfect for wrist and ankle strapping for both training and competition

Air Track Repair Kit

Our repair kit includes glue, repair patch and repair tool. 

130cm Fibreglass Rail

This 130cm fibreglass rail with timber veneer coating rail fits the elite junior bar, uneven/parallel bar, and floor bar. Strong and flexible with a 150kg weight...
$129.00 $100.00

10cm Folding Crash Mat

This 10cm folding 18oz vinyl-covered crash mat is perfect for under our parallel/uneven bars, elite high bar, elite junior bar and other bars when that extra...
$499.00 $449.00

Junior Beatboard

The Gymnastics Direct Junior Beatboard is designed as a value for money, entry level gymnastic apparatus.  Ideally suited to younger athletes (ages 6-13 years),...
$299.00 $249.00

Elite High Bar

Elite High Bar, with high quality fibreglass rail. Superbly constructed, heavy-duty and adjustable high bar suitable to growing and mature male and female gymnasts....
$849.00 $749.00

Safety Throw Mat

New to Gymnastics Direct, this lightweight, versatile crash mat has a multi purpose application for home and club use. Perfect for supervising coaches and...
$459.00 $389.00


The essential training aid for gymnastics, cheer and acrobatics, aiding in the development of coordination, balance, walkovers and handsprings. Heavy 18 oz vinyl construction,...
$359.00 from $299.00

More sizes available

Air Track Joining Velcro

This Air Track joining velcro is used for joining two or more Air Tracks together. Available in 1m and 2m widths.    
from $30.00

More sizes available

Floor Beam Feet

These are our floor level, high beam feet for use on Gymnastics Direct beams only. Solid Construction Sold in pairs Four bolt configuration on...

Pommel Mushroom Trainer - Height Adjustable (Metal Top)

Metal mushroom surface with 62cm in diameter.Adjustable height ranging from 40cm to 70cm. Available in BLUE only.
$299.00 $249.00

Grip Gift Pack

This great grip gift pack includes: 1 x set of palm guards*  1 x refillable chalk ball* 1 x sterling silver pendant* 1 x...
$53.95 $49.95

130cm Wood Rail

This 130cm hardwood with minimal grain rail fits the elite junior bar, uneven/parallel bar, and floor bar.  Choose the rail with holes option if you are replacing a...
$79.00 $49.00

Adjustable Beam Feet

Adjustable beam feet for use on our Elite Aluminium Core Beam range only. Adjustable height from 30cm to 47cm with solid construction and four-bolt configuration on...

Starter Beam with Carry Bag and 3m Folding Mat

This Combo is for young gymnasts who would like to practice their beam and tumbling/floor skills. These two items can be used together, as...
$319.00 $299.00

Chalk It Up Gift Pack

Chalk it up with these bar training essentials! This gift pack includes all the accessories you need to practise your bar skills at home...
$44.90 from $39.95

20cm Folding Crash Mat

This heavy-duty folding crash mat is a great addition to any school, gym, dance studio or cheerleading club. It has 18 oz vinyl outer,...
$999.00 $899.00

Air Spot

This circular version of our popular launchpad is soft, fun and versatile. The Air Spot encourages kids to jump and challenge themselves freely, improving...
from $339.00

More sizes available


Air Track Run-up Ramp

This air tack run-up ramp has an extra-wide velcro attachment and can attach to any 20cm high mat. Custom made to attach to Gymnastics...
$299.00 $279.00

Flexibility Trainer Strap

Take your training to the next level and improve your flexibility at home with our Flexibility Trainer Strap! Made from polyester cotton and high quality...

Pommel Buck

Superb quality, value for money boys pommel buck.Can be used with or without pommels.Height adjustable from 100cm to 125cm.Other dimensions: 175cm x 100cm.Also included...
$399.00 $319.00

Junior Kip Bar And 2.5m Mat Combo

The perfect entry level combo for any young gymnast through to approximately level 3, up to 50kg in weight. Includes: 1 x Mini Kip...
$534.00 $499.00

Starter Beam and 3m Folding Mat

This Combo is for young gymnasts who would like to practice their beam and tumbling/floor skills. These two items can be used together, as...
$304.00 $289.00

Gym Star Gift Pack

Bring out the star in your gymnast with this gift pack!  1 x palm guards pair 1 x refillable chalk  1 x bar loops...
$103.80 $95.00

Small Spotting Block

A staple piece for any gym program. These versatile blocks are not only the go-to for coaches to aid in safe spotting on bars,...
$299.00 $269.00

Elite Gymnast Training Bag

The Elite Gymnast Training Bag is the perfect bag for all your gym, dance, yoga, and cheer essentials! It's made with high quality durable...

6m Air Track Tumbling Run

Australia's best value for money inflatable tumbling run. The Gymnastics Direct Air Track is an elite quality inflatable training aid, and we deliver this...
$1,899.00 from $1,599.00

Training Cylinder

Our training cylinders provide stability and support when teaching tumbling skills and fundamental body shapes. These training aids are suitable for any age or...
from $119.00

More sizes available

Back Handspring Trainer

BLUE / YELLOW 90cm Size - 90cm x 90cm x 61cmBLUE / PURPLE 100cm Size - 100cm x 100cm x 61cm This piece of training...
from $599.00

More sizes available

170cm Fibreglass Rail

Our 170cm fibreglass rail with timber veneer coating fits the Gymnastics Direct elite high bar and is suitable for customers looking to build their own...

Elite Gymnast 2.5m 30cm High Beam, 3m Mat, And Elite Junior Bar Combo (BAR PRE-ORDER)

This fantastic combo includes: 2.5m 30cm High Elite Gymnast Beam Available in Purple, Blue or Tan 3m Folding Mat 120cm wide 42mm thick Available...
$977.00 $929.00

Elite Mini Trampoline (PRE-ORDER)

The Elite Mini Tramp provides a high quality, safe, and value for money option to the Australian market. Height adjustable from 15cm to 50cm,...
$999.00 $899.00

Ultimate Gift Pack

Our ultimate goodie bag is the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether it be for your friend's birthday or a Christmas gift for your...
$98.85 $84.95

Uneven/Parallel Bar Unit

Our Uneven/Parallel Bars are suitable for a wide range of movement and allow for versatility in athlete training programs. Gymnastics Direct parallel bar units...
$999.00 $849.00

20cm Aerial/Silks Landing Mat

This versatile landing mat is designed to meet the needs of customers looking to create a safe and secure landing environment for acro, silks, dance...
$549.00 $499.00

Floor Bar (Pair)

Our floor bar pair is used for both club and home use and helps develop strength and control during inversions. Being in control of...
$319.00 $279.00

Elite Aluminium 3m 30cm High Beam, 2.5m Mat and Elite Junior Bar Combo (BAR PRE-ORDER)

This fantastic combo includes: 3.0m, 30cm high Elite Aluminium Beam Available in Purple, Blue or Tan 2.5m Folding Mat 120cm wide 42mm thick Available...
$1,013.00 $979.00

3m Folding Foam Beam And 3m Folding Mat

This fantastic combo includes: 3m Folding Foam Balance Beam Tough 18oz vinyl cover 15cm high, with a 20cm wide base Lightweight Sturdy foam inner...
$428.00 $399.00

Level Gymnast 2.4m Multi-Function Beam And 2m Mat Combo

Australia's best value for money beam and mat combo! Superbly constructed, wooden core low profile beam with wear-resistant, durable industrial suede cover, with high...
$438.00 $399.00

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