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Level Gymnast 2.4m Balance Beam (Adjustable Height)

Discover the ultimate training companion for gymnasts of all levels with our 2.4m Adjustable Height Balance Beam. This versatile beam is designed to grow...
$299.00 $269.00

Level Gymnast 2.4m Beam (Adjustable Height) And 2m Mat

Australia's best value for money beam and mat combo! Superbly constructed, wooden core low profile beam with wear-resistant, durable industrial suede cover, with high...
$438.00 $399.00

Level Gymnast 2.4m Beam (Adjustable Height), 2 X Mats, And Bar Combo

Complete with the elite junior bar, 2.4m adjustable beam, 3m gymnastics folding mat and 2m gymnastics folding mat - this is every gymnast's ultimate...
$1,136.00 $999.00

Level Gymnast 2.4m Beam (Adjustable Height), 3m Mat, And Elite Junior Bar Combo

This is a great combo for gymnasts practising their gymnastics skills at home! This combo includes: Level Gymnast 2.4m Beam (Adjustable Height)  Australia's best...
$927.00 $849.00

Rock the Cradle Combo

Introducing Gymnastics Direct's rock the cradle combo - the perfect training duo for gymnasts of all levels! The air barrel is an excellent tool for...
$338.00 from $329.00

Little Victories Gift Pack

Introducing the Little Victories Gift Pack by Gymnastics Direct! This accessory bundle is specially curated to inspire, motivate, and celebrate the accomplishments of young...
$79.95 $69.95

Inflatable Ice Bath

Introducing Gymnastics Direct's Inflatable Ice Bath, designed to enhance the recovery of athletes from various disciplines! Made with drop stitching material with a thickness...
from $699.00

More sizes available

Inflatable Ball Pit

Take playtime and physical development to new heights with our inflatable ball pit. Designed with the highest standards and safety in mind, this ball pit...

Gym Training Pack

This pack includes all the accessories you need to help with your gym training! Exclusive Gymnast Bag Chalk Refill Stretch Strap Palm Guard Wrist Band...
$70.85 $59.95

Gymnastics Direct Springboard

New from Gymnastics Direct comes our first 9 Springboard, ideal for athletes and gymnasts looking to take their vaulting skills and landings to the...
$499.00 $349.00

Fire Hydrant Cover

Made with a sponge foam interior and PVC vinyl exterior, this fire hydrant cover is designed to shield kids at school and employees at work from...
from $175.00

More sizes available

Gymnastics Medal Display Hanger

Display your gymnast's achievements at home with our exclusively designed gymnastics medal display hanger! This high quality ( metal) display hanger  is a great way...

I-Beam Protection Pad

Made of high density foam and durable 18oz vinyl, Gymnastics Direct's I-Beam Protection Pad is designed to minimise any injury of body contact with steel...
from $145.00

More sizes available


Mini Movers Combo

Keep the little gymnasts moving with our Mini Movers Combo! Perfect for practising cartwheels, handstands and flexibility at home.  Includes: 1 x Starter Beam 1 x Starter Beam...
$192.95 $179.00

High Performance Mushroom and Mat Combo

The High Performance Pommel Mushroom and Mat combo is perfect for any Men's Artistic Gymnastics program and is suitable for schools, clubs and home use environments....
$549.00 $399.00

Presentation Podium

Celebrate gymnastics and other sports achievements or presentations on Gymnastics Direct's Presentation Podium! These 3-piece-set, bronze, silver and gold boxes are made from high...
$550.00 $475.00

Loop It Up Gift Pack

Everything you need to get started on your bar training! The loop it up gift pack includes: 1 x palm guards pair 1 x...
$38.95 $34.95

High Performance Vaulting Table

New to Gymnastics Direct! The High Performance Vaulting Table meets quality and specification standards for competition level gymnastics and training. Designed for schools, gymnastics clubs and...
$2,999.00 $1,999.00

High Performance Pommel Mushroom

New to Gymnastics Direct! This High Performance Pommel Mushroom with a padded surface and adjustable height setting is suitable to schools, clubs and home...
$459.00 $349.00

150cm Post Padding

This high-density outdoor and indoor 150cm post padding is made of the highest quality of high-density EPE foam inner. It is weatherproof and easy to install. Suitable...

3m x 2m x 10cm Crash Mat

This 10cm non-folding crash mat is made from high quality sponge foam and an 18oz vinyl cover. Suitable for clubs, daycare centres, schools, as well as fitness...

Learn to Fly Cheer Combo

Learn to Fly at home with this ultimate cheer combo! Perfect for practicing all key cheerleading skills, and developing balance, coordination, flexibility and strength. ...
$506.95 $469.00

Balance Beam Training Pad

New to Gymnastics Direct! These balance beam training pads are made of high density foam and are suitable for clubs and home purposes. They...
from $79.00

More sizes available

Rectangular Post Pads

Made of high density foam with heavy duty vinyl cover, these rectangular safety post padding can be used for various applications at sporting venues,...
from $129.00

More sizes available


8m Air Track Tumbling Run (PRE ORDER)

Our 8m Air Track Tumbling Run is handmade to the highest of standards using the best quality materials on the market! Suitable for all ages and abilities,...
$2,499.00 $1,999.00

10m Air Track Tumbling Run

Our 10m Air Track Tumbling Run is handmade to the highest of standards using the best quality materials on the market! Suitable for all ages and...
$3,299.00 $2,799.00

12m Air Track Tumbling Run

Our 12m Air Track Tumbling Run is handmade to the highest of standards using the best quality materials on the market! Suitable for all ages and abilities,...
$3,699.00 $3,399.00

Corner Post Padding

Quality corner padding to protect athletes and students in high traffic and activity areas. Velcro strips on the rear of pads are attached to...
$299.00 $249.00

Extra Small Spotting Block

A staple piece for any gym program. These versatile blocks are not only the go-to for coaches to aid in safe spotting on bars,...

Eazy Pads

Gymnastics Direct's Eazy Pads are used to safeguard athletes in competitive and training environments. Suitable for Australian football, netball, basketball and as a safety...
from $99.00

More sizes available


Octagonal Gymnastics and Play Donut

Designed for early childhood motor skills development, the octagonal donut is one of the most versatile skill shapes to add to any gym or...
$1,099.00 $949.00

Climbing Trapezoid Bridge and Mat Set

Climb, tumble, roll and crawl through this great climbing trapezoid bridge and mat set! This soft play set is a fun option for infants...
$3,299.00 $2,999.00

Kindy Ball Pit (PRE ORDER)

Made out of EPE sponge foam with a heavy duty PVC cover, this kindy ball pit is a safe and fun addition to any daycare, preschool...
$949.00 $899.00

Sensory Swing with Bolster

Gymnastics Direct's sensory swing with bolster is designed to provide therapeutic benefits and sensory integration to children of all ages and abilities. It can...
$249.00 $209.00

Roll Barrel Set

Gymnastics Direct's roll barrel set is a great addition to any daycare, preschool, special education, physical therapy environment or at home for endless rolls of fun! Versatile...
$399.00 $349.00

30cm Aerial/Silks Landing Mat

This versatile landing mat is designed to meet the needs of customers looking to create a safe and secure landing environment for acro, silks, dance...
$799.00 $749.00

More sizes available


Mushroom and Mat Combo

Our mushroom and mat combo is perfect for any boys gymnastics program! The surface of the metal mushroom is 62cm in diameter with adjustable...
$449.00 $299.00

Elite Gymnast Training Bag

The Elite Gymnast Training Bag is the perfect bag for all your gym, dance, yoga, and cheer essentials! It's made with high quality durable...

Air Track Joining Velcro with Wedge

This Air Track joining velcro with a wedge is used for joining two or more Air Tracks together. Available in 1m and 2m wide!
from $59.00

More sizes available


Air Barrel Cradle (PRE-ORDER - MINT & PINK)

The Gymnastics Direct Air Barrel Cradle is made of PVC sponge foam inner with an 18oz vinyl cover. Each side has a velcro attachment that...
$199.00 $159.00

Air Play Pit

This inflatable air play pit is ideally used as an above ground training pit.  It's the perfect addition to any club, trampoline park, school...
$1,599.00 from $1,499.00

More sizes available


Inflatable Incline Wedge

The inflatable incline wedge is perfect for practising forward rolls, walkovers, and back handsprings! It is a great tumbling aid, crash pad or landing...
$1,049.00 $949.00

Flexibility Trainer Strap

Take your training to the next level and improve your flexibility at home with our Flexibility Trainer Strap! Made from polyester cotton and high quality...

Air Track Repair Kit

Our repair kit includes glue, repair patch and repair tool. 

Junior Jump Box

Our junior jump box is made out of PVC vinyl + sponge foam making it safe, strong and durable. It can be used for plyometric...
$649.00 $579.00

Dual Step

This dual step soft play equipment is an essential apparatus for any kindergarten, preschool and/or early learning centre. It is perfect for physical training...

Rainbow Arch Climber

This high quality and sturdy rainbow arch climber provides a safe and engaging addition to your indoor soft play area. The apparatus will keep the toddlers...
$699.00 $599.00

Single Step

This single step apparatus is a great addition to your indoor soft play area. It helps children build confidence and improve overall gross motor skills through...

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