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Moon Walkover Tips & Variations with Beats Per Minute Performing Arts

The moon walkover is an integral skill for both dance and acro students. In order to perform this movement, athletes must have strong and flexible ankles, as well as a strong back walkover. The moon walkover focuses primarily on building ankle flexibility, alignment, mobility, stability and strength.

Join Beats Per Minute Performing Arts as they guide us through some helpful moon walkover tips and variations that can be implemented into your next dance and floor routine!


To build up to a moon walkover:

  1. The athlete must start with their knees on some matting so that they are sitting in a backwards 'L' position. From here, the athlete needs to start pushing through their toes until they end up in a 'table top' position. Once they are in this position, it is important to ensure that they keep their hips high to maintain this 'table top' position.
  2. This positioning can then progress to the bridge with a stack. Using an incline mat or wedge can also assist with form when building up to this skill.
  3. Once the athlete has built confidence in performing this movement on the incline, they can try it on the floor.
  4. Add a kick and a jump. Viola! You've successfully completed a basic moon walkover!

There are also other variations of the moon walkover. Challenge yourself and try any of these!

  • Moon walkover to forearms
  • Moon walkover to heli cartwheel sit

How did you do? Tag and share your moon walkovers with us for a chance to be featured!

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