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Launching Your Gymnastics Journey: Top Equipment Picks for Beginners

Are you eager to dive into the world of gymnastics but feeling a bit uncertain about where to begin?

The right equipment can be your perfect companion on this exciting journey.

Starting gymnastics doesn't require an extensive array of equipment, but having the essentials can make all the difference in your practice. Investing in a few key pieces can set the stage for a fulfilling gymnastics experience.

Remember, starting with the basics and gradually progressing with your skill level is key. Here are some recommendations to get you started on your gymnastics journey...

Gymnastics Folding Mat

Available in 2.5m and 3m sizes, Gymnastics Direct's Folding Mats serve multiple purposes for home or club use. Both sizes feature Velcro ends, allowing you to create a tumbling run of your preferred length.

Air Barrel

This versatile training tool is great for teaching front and back walkovers and aiding in bar-related techniques like kips and transitional movements. The Air Barrel can be conveniently deflated for storage when not in use and is available in 60cm Diameter x 120cm length or 90cm Diameter x 120cm length from Gymnastics Direct.


2.4m Balance Beam

Equipped with adjustable feet usable on the ground, Gymnastics Direct's 2.4m Balance Beam reaches a maximum height of 45cm. It's suitable for beginner and intermediate gymnasts to practice various skills and footwork.

Starter Beam 

Perfect for little beginners honing balance and footwork, Gymnastics Direct's Starter Beam provides a safe training platform. However, please note that the starter beam supports a maximum weight capacity of 15kg, while the 2.4m balance beam accommodates up to 100kg.

Air Track Tumbling Run

Handmade to the highest of standards using the best quality materials on the market, an air track allows athletes the ability to perform advanced techniques in a safe, stable environment. Gymnastics Direct offers a wide range of sizes and colours!


Available in ball, liquid, or block forms, Gymnastics Direct's chalk aids in absorbing sweat and enhances grip and movement—a must-have for every gymnast.

Incline Wedge

Also known as a gymnastics wedge mat, the incline gymnastics mat works as an excellent tumbling aid, crash pad, or landing mat for forward rolls, walkovers, and handsprings. Gymnastics Direct offers multiple colours, and their folding design ensures space efficiency and easy storage.

Elite Junior Bar with Fibreglass Rail

This piece of equipment is the ideal fit for a dedicated young gymnast aiming to refine their abilities in a home setting. It's well-suited for practicing kips and hip circles, offering an adjustable height range to accommodate skill progression. With an impressive weight capacity of 150kg and height maximum of 150cm, this bar stands as Australia's top choice in terms of both quality and affordability!

Embarking on a gymnastics journey is an exciting step towards learning new skills and building confidence. Equipping yourself with the right gear is pivotal to laying a strong foundation for your practice. From versatile folding mats and balance beams to essential tools like chalk and incline wedges, the world of gymnastics offers a range of equipment tailored to beginners. Remember, safety, quality, and gradual progression are key as you explore this exhilarating sport. With the right equipment by your side, you're not just starting gymnastics—you're opening the door to a world of possibilities and growth, one skill at a time!




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