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5 Flexibility Trainer Strap Exercises

Gymnastics Direct's Flexibility Trainer Strap is the perfect training aid for at home. It allows gymnasts, dancers, or cheerleaders to condition, maintain strength and improve their flexibility, balance and control! 

Take your training to the next level and improve your strength and flexibility with these 5 easy exercises.

1. Backbend

After installing the trainer strap (find how to install here), put the straps on, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and grab the strap on both sides. Adjust distance from the door and the position of padded waist strap to fit the waist, and then pull the straps tight. This is the start position. 

Slowly let go of the belts and fold backward all the way down until your hands are palm down on the floor. Adjust the distance between hands and feet. 


2. Downward Facing Dog Poses 

Adjust the height of the straps to suit your needs and put the straps on. Back to the door with your feet shoulder-width apart, stretch your arms forward all the way down with the same width. Spread your fingers evenly on the floor and try to stretch your body down. 

Inhale and tighten your muscles from hands to shoulders, and then exhale and tighten your shoulder blades. 

Keep your arms straight and tighten your muscles from wrists to shoulders. 

Inhale and lift your hips. Then straighten your legs with feet shoulder-width apart and get the heels to the floor. Remember, keep your back straight and stretch back through spine and hips!

3. Abdominal Crunch

Adjust the height of the straps and put your feet on padded waist strap. Keep your hands shoulder-width apart and push your body up with your hands, like a push up pose. This is the start position.

Tighten your hips and abs and stabilise your torso. Contract your abdominal muscles to curl spine, move your knees close to your chest, ensuring to inhale at the same time. 

Pause, and slowly go back to the start position. Exhale at the same time! Keep your abdomen tight and inward throughout the movement. Try to press your abdominal muscles and feel the abs contract. 

4. Plank Pose

Adjust the height of the strap to suit your comfort needs and then put your feet on the padded waist strap. 

Start in a push up prone position. Bend your elbows to push your body up and keep your shoulders and elbow joints perpendicular to the floor. Ensure to straighten your torso and keep your head, shoulders, crotch and ankle aligned. 

Tighten your abdominal and pelvis muscles. With eyes down, lengthen your spine and breath evenly! 

5. The Splits 

Again, adjust the height of the straps where you feel comfortable. From then, you can do the splits and other leg stretching exercises with the help of the straps.

Like with any other athletic or sports activity, make sure to warm up before doing any of these exercises to help your focus and prevent injury. Make sure to install the equipment properly according to the user manual and do not modify the item! Failure to observe the precaution may result in injury. 

What other exercises come to mind? Let us know in the comments below. Don't forget to tag us on your photos on socials to be featured! 

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