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Kip Drills You Can Do at Home

The kip is a necessary skill that a gymnast must master when it comes to excelling within gymnastics. Gymnasts need to ensure that the kip is something that they are regularly practising as it is quite a challenging skill. Unfortunately due to the recent COVID-19 restrictions in place, it has proven to be quite difficult for kids to have access to the gyms or clubs.

But, don't worry - The Gym Spot has put together some Kip Bar Drills that can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Frisbee Glides

This drill imitates the 'glide swing', which is the first initial movement in the kip. All you need for this is either a squad spot, a lightweight plate, or a frisbee. Start in the position of a pike sit, with the squad spot, plate or frisbee underneath the heels of your feet. Lift your hips, extend your feet out, and then pull back. This drill aims to reach a full extension, from your shoulders to your hips.

Leg Lifts

Start this drill by laying flat on your back. Then, lift both legs up and over your body until they are behind your head. This will engage your core and help maintain flexibility.

Shoot to Candle

Start off on your back in a pike position, with hands at your toes. From here, lift your toes up to a candle position, finishing with your hands at your hips. To better replicate the kip, after reaching the candle position, shoot the toes back down in a pike and push with straight arms into a straight pike compression sit.

Straight Arm Forward Roll

Perform a pike forward roll, and when you stand up, straighten your arms- do this through pushing with your straight arms to stand up. Make sure to keep your arms straight when performing this drill in order to imitate the finishing position of the drill.

Wrist Shifts

You can do this with a broom or PVC pipe, or something long and cylindrical. With your tube or pipe of choice, attach a weight. Hold with both hands and shift your hands so that they fit accordingly around the tube. When doing so, ensure your arms are straight the whole time, and that you are staring forward.

What drills are you doing at home to help with training? Comment below!

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