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How to Strap a Wrist: Kinesiology vs Rigid Tape

Comp season is well and truly amongst us! It is important for athletes and coaches to understand how to strap adequately and know what type of tape to use for injury or optimal performance. Pulled muscles, tendons, and sprains are some of the most common injuries that arise in the sports of gymnastics, acrobatics and cheerleading. Finding the right tape to suit your needs can be quite tricky, as there are various types available on the market. 

The Gym Spot collaborates with Bri Ritchie, owner of Base Rehab on the two most commonly used tapes in our sport and their uses. Bri is a Strength and Conditioning Coach and a Level 2 Sports Trainer who has been involved in the cheerleading industry for over 10 years as well as rugby league here in Newcastle, NSW.

Taping has been used by coaches for years to help athletes reduce the risk of injury and also to enable muscles to be able to function efficiently. The two main types of strapping tape used in the sport of gymnastics, cheerleading and acrobatics are kinesiology tape and rigid tape.

Kinesiology tape is stretchy in both directions, and is mainly used for injury recovery, muscle activation and helps with the reduction of swelling. Rigid tape, on the other hand, is not stretchy and has no movement. This tape is commonly used for injury prevention, pain relief and allows the athlete to continue in their sport.

Watch our video below to learn two ways to strap the wrist!

For ways to strap the knee and ankle, keep an eye out for our upcoming videos! If you have any questions, don't forget to comment down below.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a substitute for seeking professional help if you have injured yourself severely. Ensure you speak to a physio prior to opting to use strapping tape for injuries. If any other injuries persist, please see your physio or GP.

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  • Posted Brian Bulger

    This article offers a helpful comparison between kinesiology tape and rigid tape for wrist strapping in gymnastics. It’s insightful to see how each type of tape offers unique benefits for athletes. The mention of athletic tapes like Hampton Adams provides additional context without feeling promotional. Thanks for sharing this informative piece!

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