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Introducing Physiotherapist and Life Coach, Jeff B.J. Edwards

The Gym Spot would like to introduce self-employed Physiotherapist and Life Coach, Jeff B.J. Edwards!

Jeff is a Physiotherapist that focuses on a patient's mental health post-injury. He provides advice and methods to his patience in order to help them get through the injury and build their confidence back up when it comes to returning back to the sport. His love and joy for keeping active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle came from some tragic events that happened to him when he was younger. His specialty fields are life-coaching and NLP modalities, linked with physical theraphy in order to emphasise the positive impact of rehabilitation.

"You may think that physical and mental recovery can be plotted on a graph as a linear or exponential incline towards 'normal', however, it is anything but that. During rehabilitation, you will go up and down, back and forth- some days feeling the injury, others not so much followed by a random day of it being almost unbearable depending on the injury. Pain is not always a good indicator of recovery and so it can be difficult to pin point how the body is healing, however if you drop personal expectations of recovery and remain consistent with a rehab protocol, it is inevitable that you will get stronger, your body will make the adjustments and you will most likely get to previous or an increase of previous performance. Knowing this can save a lot of anxiety.

Alongside his studies, Jeff also worked in the field of disability, and gained insight into just how different every individual human is, and how important the core principles of activity, rehabilitation and motivation are to the human body.

"I've gained a lot of confidence in my industry by having mixed hobbies from I.T., musical composition and art to calisthenics, nutrition/dietetics and NLP coaching- all of which have helped me understand attributes and behaviours of different lifestyles."

There's more to come - Stay tuned!

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