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Getting Back into Training After A Long Break

There is no doubt that the pandemic has changed our daily routines, and trying to be consistent with our fitness or training regime has been difficult for many. If your motivation to exercise during the pandemic has waned, you're not alone. Not only getting sick from COVID-19 has impacted people's level of initiative to get back to their fitness routine, the on and off closure of gyms and clubs over the past two years has also been a huge factor.

If your productivity and motivation have been running low, here are some tips to help you get back on track after a long break. There's no better time to start reintroducing healthy habits than now!

1. Set a goal

As you ease back into training, don't forget to set realistic and measurable goals.

What is it that you want to achieve? What steps would I need to take to get to these goals? Write them down and create a plan. Dig deep and figure out why you have set this goal, break it down to small, short-term goals - you're more likely to reach your ultimate goal if you do this! For more tips on setting goals that you'll actually meet, click here.

2. Start out nice and slow - Remember, movement is better than no movement!

After a long break from any physical activity, your body won't be in the same level of performance as before, so diving straight into your pre-lockdown training regime is a big NO. Start off slowly and take it easy! Remember, every little bit of movement counts. Find an exercise you enjoy, mix it up and think outside of the gym.

Going for a jog at the park or beach, taking your dog for a walk, swimming, gardening and doing other low impact exercises such as cycling, yoga or pilates are all great ways to help you stay fit!

3. Strength and Conditioning 

Within the sport of gymnastics, having upper, lower, and core body strength is imperative when it comes to performing more complex and vigorous movements. It is important to start with low-intensity exercises and focus on doing the correct form or technique. And as your body begins to adjust, you can gradually increase the intensity of your workout.

Spend some time re-building the basics, and make sure to keep up a base of strength and conditioning at home.

4. Ensure you are providing your body with enough nutrients pre and post-training

One of the most important elements of training is ensuring that you are fuelling your body appropriately.

What you put into your body can help with your energy levels, mood, and mindset. Nutrition provides the building blocks for building muscle, recovery, and helping you reach peak training performance. Ensure your diet is filled with high-quality carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fats. It's also important to have meals prepped and fruits readily available if you are constantly on the go!

5. Rest!

As you begin to transition back into your training regime post-lockdown, it's an absolute necessity for you to prioritise rest and recovery. Listen to your body! If you feel fatigued or short of breath, ensure that you stop and rest.

Sleep recovery is just as important as active recovery. Sleeping for at least 8 hours every night helps repair damaged muscle tears that occur when training and will help immensely when you start upping your workout frequency back to some form of normality again. To read more about the importance of rest and recovery, click here.

How have YOU gotten back into training after a big break? Let us know in the comments below!

DISCLAIMER: The Gym Spot is in no way, shape or form medical professionals. If you are struggling to breathe during training, or other symptoms persist, please ensure that you speak to your GP as soon as possible.

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