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Ambassador: Kayne

Meet Kayne, Gymnastics Direct's 2022 Brand Ambassador. Kayne loves to train outdoors, and his backyard gym setup is every gymnast's ultimate dream! From his goal to compete at the Olympics to getting his fly away by himself, read on for more insight about his gymnastics life.

1. What do you love most about gymnastics?

I love the bond I have with my team mates.


2. Where and how often do you train?

Albany Creek Gymnastics Centre, 12 hours per week. Training Level 5 and finishing this comp season as a level 4.


3. What are your three main goals?

1. Go to the Olympics
2. Hold an Iron Cross
3. Go from a Japanese Press to a planche

4. What skills do you want to learn this summer?

Skills are -  3 giants in a row in guards not loops.


5. What is your happiest gymnastics memory and what makes it so special?

Happiest memory  - getting my fly away by myself and doing it at every competition this year. I was excited because this is only my 2nd year of doing gymnastics and it was a skill I really wanted to achieve and I got to do it at a competitive that my grandparents were watching.

6. Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My inspiration is Tyson Bull. I love the high bar and he is so good at it! And he went to the Olympics like I want to.

7. What are your favourite things in life?

Gymnastics is life but I love scooter and BMX too.

Head over to Kayne's Instagram and give him a follow!

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