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November 28, 2023

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September 08, 2022

Ambassador: Zoe

Ambassador: Zoe

Introducing our 4-year-old gymnastics superstar, Zoe! From learning kips to standing up from a bridge, get to know her gymnastics goals and her biggest inspirations.


1. What do you love most about gymnastics?

Learning new skills with my friends and having lots of fun.

2. Where and how often do you train?

4 hours a week at Jets Gymnastics Grovedale
1 hour a week at Geelong Ballet Centre


3. What are your three main goals?

1. To be Strong
2. To be Kind
3. To earn my Pink Level Top


4. What skills do you want to learn this summer?

I want to learn how to Kip, stand up from a bridge and do all the skills that the big girls do. 


5. What is your happiest gymnastics memory and what makes it so special?

Holding hands with all my squad mates and coach, then all jumping into the foam pit together. It was so much fun because we were all silly together.

6. Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My Coach Erikka and my squad friends, also Coach Maddie, I watched her compete once and she was really really good.

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