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Club Focus: Ace Collective

Club Focus looks at the grassroots of Australian gymnastics, specifically the people and organisations that keep the sport ticking! This month, we welcome Ace Collective, a sports and aerobics club centred in the Newcastle & Hunter Region.

1. How did your club start? 

As Sport Aerobics continues to grow in the Newcastle & Hunter Region, Head Coach Breanna Ellison opened ACE Collective in October 2023. The club trains out of a school hall in the Jesmond area with athletes from the ages of 6- 22 years. ACE Collective is a place for all athletes to thrive, have fun and achieve goals they never thought were possible. At our club we run both classes for athletes wishing to compete at competition or just train recreationally. We also run Development classes to help assist athletes towards their goals!

2. How many kids do you train and what skills? 

ACE Collective has 25 students ranging from recreational to international levels. ACE is a Sport Aerobics club that focuses on all areas of the sport including strength, flexibility, fitness and performance. Sport Aerobics is a dynamic sport that allows athletes to perform skills such as one handed push ups, jumps to splits, presses and jumps to push ups!

3. Do you have any special needs programs?

Everyone is welcome at ACE Collective! Sport Aerobics is an inclusive sport that has a space for anyone wanting to try.

4. What's your club's vision statement? 

To build a community of athletes that support, strengthen and shine light on one another. As our motto states, we are One Team. One Collective.



5. What are some objectives of your program? 

Most of our athletes are preparing for this year's competition season so making sure all athletes are mentally and physically prepared. We have a lot of new athletes who will be taking the stage for the very first time which is very exciting! ACE will also have a group of International stream athletes who will be competing to qualify for this year's World Championships in Brazil! As a new club, our main goal is for everyone to get onstage and have fun!

6. What are you most proud of with your club? 

I am most proud of the caring environment we have created in such a short period of time. It is lovely getting to work with so many smiley faces each afternoon! The friendships that continue to grow stronger each session is why I love doing what I do as a coach.

7. Why do you think your club is important to families and your community? 

ACE Collective is important to families and the community as it is a safe place for children and young adults to try a new sport without fear of failure! Sport Aerobics is a unique sport that requires a broad range of skills including strength, fitness, performance and flexibility. These skills can be transferred to so many other sports. I know when I was growing up I was the only girl I knew that could do a one handed push-up, be able to perform a straddle jump to push up, and have the confidence to perform up on stage! Sport Aerobics has shaped me personally into the person I am today and I want to be able to share that experience with other athletes too.

8. What piece of advice would you give to a gymnast/student? 

Go for it! If you can dream it, you can do it. It is easy to shy away from experiences and opportunities because you are afraid of failing or of what others will think, but magic happens when you believe in yourself and just go for it! My favourite quote that I love to remind athletes of is, "no one is you and that is your power!"  

Keep up to date with Ace Collective and follow them on Instagram! 


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