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Club Focus: Mareeba Gymnastics Club

Introducing our newest Club Focus feature, Mareeba Gymnastics! Read on to learn more about their remarkable programs, inspiring stories, and the vibrant community that makes this gymnastics club a standout.

1. How did your club start?

Mareeba Gymnastics club was formerly called Mareeba National Fitness/Gymnastics in 1919 and later found its known name today as Mareeba Gymnastics Club. The club has always been about bringing sport and fitness to the local community, this vision was bought to light in November 2001 as the club had its very own gymnastics hall built specifically for the club. To this day the club is continuously applying for grants and working on new ways to bring fitness and fun to the local community.

2. How many kids do you train and what skills?

Our Club currently has 311 registered gymnasts. We offer classes from under 5s learning fine and gross motor skills with their biggest skill being a forward roll, recreational classes are all about coming to gymnastics to have fun make friends and learn basic safe gymnastics, competitive gymnastics promoting fun within a competitive sport, we can’t decide our highest skill within our competitive program, whether it’s a back salto on beam, double back salto of high bar or triple twist on floor you can choose the most impressive. For a club with no foam pit and limited equipment we are extremely proud of all our gymnasts’ efforts and accomplishments. Lastly our Adults programs getting in their exercise and weekly dose of flips and head spins for the week we are proud to have all ages in our amazing club.

3. Do you have any special needs programs?

No, we do not have any programs specifically for special needs, however we are open to having gymnasts with special needs in our day-to-day classes with a parent/carer to help with additional assistance.

4. What’s your club’s vision statement?

The aim of Mareeba Gymnastics Club Inc is to provide the delivery of professional gymnastics tuition of the highest standard possible.

We wish to create an enjoyable environment which fosters a spirit of fun, competition, striving for excellence, satisfaction in the success of others and equal opportunity for all participants. Mareeba Gymnastics Club Inc is dedicated to QUALITY....and enhancing and enriching lives through participation in the sport of Gymnastics.

5. What are some of the objectives of your program?

Our Competitive Program objective is to teach your child life long lessons, whilst doing something they love. Competitions will help your child to learn to perform under pressure, take responsibility for their training and teach sportsmanship too. Fear of competing or failing can be scary for your child, which in turn can stop them from participating in many experiences’ life has to offer. Through competitions, and the support of their coach and other teammates, your child will soon realise it is never as scary as they once thought, and their new-found courage will often carry over to other areas of their life.

Our Recreational Programs are aimed to offer your child a gymnastics experience in a fun and friendly environment. During each class your child will learn the fundamental skills for gymnastics manoeuvres. Classes are designed to develop strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and spatial awareness for your child.

6. What are you most proud of with your club?

Our Club is proud of all our athletes young and old however it has produced multiple national athletes over the past 2 years with multiple medals brought home to our rural country town. The club has also performed internationally at the World Gymnaestrada 2023, taking a team of all different ages, backgrounds and ability’s over to Amsterdam. This was such an amazing experience for our club and we look forward to future events like this.

7. Why do you think your club is important to families and your community?

Our Club is a place where every one is welcome, all ages, abilities, cultural backgrounds and genders. At Mareeba Gymnastics Club we strive to make everyone feel included and impowered not just within gymnastics but within making friends and becoming confident and enthusiastic people.

8. What piece of advice would you give to a gymnast/student?

Mareeba Gymnastics Club’s advise would be that gymnastics teaches you so much more than just flips. It teaches everyone to step outside their comfort zone, and not to be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them, and start again. Mareeba Gymnastics Club encourages everyone to have a goal, work hard and consistently and your goal will become your destination.

Swing, bounce and flip with Mareeba Gymnastics! Explore their website to discover the diverse array of programs available at the club.

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